Finding Friends: A Story on Networking

New Blog!

I launched my new blog, the Ministry of Music, about a week ago today. You may visit it on and see if you like it! I gained a lot of traction with my family and friends and received a good amount of views over this past week. I also created an Instagram account which you can follow

But the buzz soon dies down once ‘new’ is no longer ‘new’, and I found myself needing to continue to build on the momentum for the blog and begin finding some friends – friends with some common interests, aka.¬†Networking.


My first approach to networking was an aggressive form of befriending on Instagram. Aggressive meaning – I am following you and I will follow ALL your friends too because we all the same interests and I want to be SEEN.
The results now look like the following:


Following 64 people with less than half following back (is that sad? Or is this normal? Is this good? I’ll try and think it’s good).

However, despite the numbers, the different types of accounts who have very randomly ‘found’ me and followed me has pleasantly surprised me! A music therapy center in Auckland, New Zealand that I know of followed me, and I didn’t follow them! And I am getting other rather ‘random’ but ‘good’ follows from other people and organizations around the world who enjoy my interest (or who are doing the same thing for some following traction ;))


I also tried to network in a similar way through WordPress. The world of WordPress is very different and strange to me, and it seem a variety of people use it, people who I don’t know very well.
Somehow, by following people I had similar interests in, I gained some comments and attention from other people.

I really don’t know how this networking thing works! Isn’t it the people you network with who are supposed to respond? Or is it some strange by-product of all the aggressive following I have been doing that the internet picks up on?

Happy Blogger

Despite the learning curves and surprises, I am, in the end, a happy blogger! It seems its not impossible to gain a following with random people just by trying hard. In the future I will try and form more personal connections, which are deeper, so my following is more secure.
See below the stats of my blog from last week!

site stats

Thanks for following me!